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Мирошниченко А. Л., учитель англійської мови СШ № 75 м. Харків

Вчимося писати твори-роздуми

Кожний учнівський твір написано за схемою:

І Вступ (про що тема і чому вона не залишила учня байдужим?)

ІІ Основна частина (розкрито зміст теми)

ІІІ Заключна частина (висновки, які зробив учень, розкривши тему)
Підготовча робота включає написання плану твору та обговорення наступних питань:

Який сенс містить в собі даний вираз в цілому, які поняття (або значення) мають окремі слова даного виразу і визначення ключових слів (або слова) теми.

Наприклад, вираз ^ They Changed the World:

They (особистості, чиї діяння, відкриття змінили хід розвитку суспільства, держави, культури, науки або цілої епохи), Change (динаміка, прогрес) World (взаємовідносини між державами, товариствами, окремими людьми і т.і.)

В залежності від того, яке ключове слово учень визначає для себе головним, буде залежати розкриття запропонованої теми.

^ Тюрін Єгор, учень 11- В класу СШ № 75 м. Харків

Englishmen Who Changed the World

Each epoch gives birth to a plenty of outstanding people whose ideas and works contribute greatly to the development of the humanity. But only few of them are really ahead of their time. These are the people who bring changes at the turning points of our progress after which the world can’t remain the same.

Firstly, their extraordinary thinking and unique vision of the world allow such people to make breakthroughs in different spheres of our life. Their works and ideas give us an opportunity to look at the world with their eyes. Such people make us think of many important issues and reconsider our views on life. And as a result, they change our perception of the world drastically. For instance, Englishmen who revolutionized the art in deep and fundamental ways were J. Chaucer, W. Shakespeare, C. Chaplin, the Beatles, F. Mercury. And the greatest English scientists were C. Darwin, I. Newton, and M. Faraday.

Secondly, some outstanding people really change the course of the history and determine the directions of development of our world. Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, W. Churchill and Princess Diana are prime examples of such people from Britain. Their work has made the world as it is today.

To sum up, I believe thanks to such people the progress occurs and the door to the next era for the humanity opens. So they definitely deserve our respect and their ideas and works should be highly appreciated.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

A great number of people often wonder how others finally achieve their objectives despite all the obstacles. Such persistent people show us that there is nothing more important in any sphere of life than having an ability to deal both with success and failure. And nowadays it is a question of major concern for everybody of us. So I would like to tell you about it in my composition.

Firstly, you should be aware of the fact that you can’t always get what you want. And this rule is applied to every person. Therefore, you have to persist until you succeed and understand that every failure gives you a chance to become better. It can be quite a valuable and useful experience. So make the best out of it, draw the right conclusions from this situation not to repeat the same mistake again and just move on.

Furthermore, you should understand that each failure will increase your chance for success at the next time. As a famous writer Og Mandino said, you must have the night to appreciate the day and you must fail often to succeed only once. So enjoy your victories as they are your due if you put your back into accomplishing your goals, but also welcome obstacles as they are your challenge.

^ In addition, try to tackle stress and don’t let it ruin your life. Don’t worry about minor matters. Make a point of thinking more positively. It’s a good idea to learn to relax and develop a sense of humour. Also try to be organized, when you are going to face a stressful situation, think how you are going to handle it. And take responsibility for making your life what you want it to be. Follow these tips and they will help you to cope with stress for certain.

To sum up, I want to say that success is basically just a lot of failures that you come through and learn from. When something bad happens, you have two choices: become upset and give up, or deal with your stress, figure out what went wrong, make conclusions and come up with a way to solve your problem. So choose the right one.

^ Brain Drain

Nowadays brain drain is one of the major problems in poor countries as more and more their fully-qualified biologists, engineers and IT workers are moving to rich ones. However, it remains controversial whether highly-developed countries are stealing talented people from poor countries or this is the only the natural movement of workers around the world. Personally I strongly believe that the latter idea is right for the following reasons.

First of all, getting a better living standard is the main priority for migrant workers from poor countries. There even well-educated people are often not highly-paid. And now as a result of technological progress rich countries require a lot of skilled specialists. So they try to encourage their movement from poor countries by offering them higher salaries.

Another important factor for brain drain is the possibility to realize people’s ambitions. Unfortunately, many qualified workers often can’t apply their knowledge and build their career in the native countries. With limited budget invested in science and research, they can’t develop all their potential. So they are attracted by the wider choice of employment and better job opportunities abroad. Therefore, the immigration of qualified workers is unavoidable.

Though some people consider rich countries to be committing crime by encouraging the movement of talented people from poor countries. But in my opinion, their knowledge and creativity can result in numerous revolutions in science and technology only in a comfortable environment. And, the truth is the whole world benefits from their inventions. In addition, nowadays when people are successful in a foreign country, they often go back to their home country to support it by investing in some profitable business.

To sum up, to my mind, brain drain is a natural process. People have the right to find a good place to do their job effectively and be a success. And only in such a way can they bring prosperity to the whole world. So I hope this is a trend set to continue.

^ Вішнякова Єлізавета, учениця 11- В класу СШ № 75 м. Харків

They changed the world

Lets look at our modern world. It is so hustling and bustling. Everyone is hurrying somewhere and doing something. People communicate, study, create. In such a way we influence each other, our acts lead to some consequences, so we change the world, although just insignificantly.

^ It is obvious, that just couple centuries ago our world was totally different. People had other moral values, another culture. At that time the world was apprehended in a completely different way, what is due to the scientific advances, the cultural changes and the historical events.

The main reason for the breakthroughs in science is people’s desire to make their life easier. A man learned how to make fire, then created a wheel, then a car and a plane, finally a computer. If we talk about the moral aspect, we can also see some drastic changes.

The major ones are the increase of human life value and the respect of human rights.

But who are the most outstanding people in the world?

The first name, which is coming to my mind, is Leonardo da Vinci - the great inventor, painter, scientist and writer. Other well-known artists are Raphael, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Mozart, Beethoven and etc. The most famous scientists are Archimedes, Pythagoras, Mendeleyev, Einstein, Nobel, Ch. Darwin…

We can also name many bright politicians, who changed the course of history, but probably this list will be endless.

Each epoch gives us its geniuses and brings its changes and the world progress occurs.

^ Задорожня Ольга, учениця 11- В класу СШ № 75 м. Харків

What do fairy tales teach us?

A fairy tale is a genre of folklore. Long since, it passed down from generation to generation. For many years, adults told tales to their children. Tales have an entertaining and educational functions. So fairy tales became a fundamental part of any culture.

Wisdom is in each tale, so these works are interesting and instructive.

Fairy tales teach us never to lose heart, to fight for our dreams and overcome difficulties. Also, these instructive stories help us to distinguish goodness from evil, truth from lies, to be honest, brave and fair. A fairy tale teaches us to value the most important human qualities, such as kindness, caring, generosity and respect for others. A person is beautiful only when he has a beautiful soul.

So there are positive and negative characters in fairy tales. For example, if I were asked to formulate the moral of the tale “Turnip”, I would say it teaches us to be united and work as a team to achieve a common goal. The tale “The Fisherman and the Fish”, teaches us to rejoice that we have and that happiness is not wealth.

The moral of the “Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights” teaches that tolerance, kindness and diligence help to overcome difficulties.

Depending on age and male, a person apperehends fairy tales differently. Every boy, reading a fairy tale, imagines himself a brave knight, who is ready for any feats. Girls imagine themselves beautiful princess with a kind heart.

The more you live, the more you see, the more you know. The older a person becomes, the more life experience he gains. I think the adults think more about moral of tales.

Tales play an important role in lives of adults and children, allowing them to take a lesson from each story. We must remember, that if we are patient and hardworking, we will be able to realize any fairy tale.