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Lesson 2.

Objectives: to introduce the topic, to enrich and practice vocabulary, to develop listening, reading and speaking skills, to develop skills on the topic, to widen student’s outlook

Equipment: English 8 by O. Karpiuk, pictures and photos, maps, work sheets

  1. Greeting. Introduction

T 1. Dear students, I’m glad to see you at our integral lesson. It is unusual because you can see two teachers in the classroom. – your teacher of Geography and your English teacher. That’s why we have two lessons in one. Today we are going to get acquainted with the first English-speaking country in our list of the countries - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. During the lesson we’ll practice your new vocabulary on the topic and read some interesting information about geographical position and climate of the country. So, let’s start right now.

  1. Warming up

T 1What do you know about Great Britain?

P1. Great Britain is an island in the north of Europe.

P2. The capital city is London.

P3. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the country.

P4. There are some famous football teams from Great Britain.
III. The main part

T1.Good for you. And now your Geography teacher tells you about the geographical position and climate of the United Kingdom.

T2: На захід від Європи, в Атлантичному океані, лежать два великих острови – Великобританія та Ірландія, поблизу яких є багато дрібних островів. Усі вони разом називаються Британськими островами.

Великобританія займає вигідне географічне положення: вона лежить поблизу найважливіших морських шляхів з Європи в інші частини світу. Море зв’язує Великобританію із більшістю європейських країн. Отже, Великобританія може підвозити морським транспортом, який є найдешевшим, сировину і продовольство, яких їй не вистачає, і вивозити свої товари для продажу в інші країни.

Таке вигідне географічне положення створилось для Великобританії тільки з XVI ст., коли розвинулося торгове судноплавство на океані.

Захопивши Ірландію і Шотландію, англійці з початку XVIIIст. cтали називати свою державу Сполученим королівством. У 1922 році більша частина Ірландії (крім північної частини) домоглася самоврядування, а потім відокремилася від Великобританії. Сполучене королівство складається з таких чотирьох частин:

  1. власне Англії (південна й середня частини острова Великобританії),

2) Уельсу (півострів на заході Великобританії),

3) Шотландії і

4) Північної Ірландії.

T1. Let’s practice the new geographical names

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland





The Gulf stream

Ben Nevis

T1. Now open your books at page 110 and let’s read the article about geography and climate of the UK. During reading, after each passage, look at the map, and your Geography teacher will show you the objects from the text.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on islands. Northern Ireland occupies the northern part of Ireland. It is situated on the separate island. Great Britain consists of three parts. Their names are England, Scotland and Wales. Scotland is situated in the north of Great Britain, Wales – in the southwest –, and England - in the southeast.

Great Britain is surrounded by seas on all the sides and is separated from the continent by the North Sea and the English Channel. The rivers in Great Britain are not long, but many of them are deep. The capital of Great Britain, London, stands on the banks of the Thames River. There are many mountains in the north of England and in Scotland, but they are not very high. The highest mountain in Great Britain is Ben Nevis. There are many lakes in Scotland. The most beautiful is Loch Lomond. There are many countries which are connected with Great Britain by sea.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream the climate of Great Britain is mild. The weather is often foggy and rainy. Summer is not very hot and winter is not very cold. Winter temperature seldom falls below zero.

T1. Look at your work sheets and fill in

Official name: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Abbreviation: UK

Capital: London

Size: 244,101 km²

Population: 60 million

Borders: Irish Republic (south of Northern Ireland), Atlantic Ocean (north), North Sea (east), English Channel (south), Irish Sea (west, but east of Northern Ireland)

Currency : Pound Sterling

Official language: English

Nationality / People: A person of British nationality is a Briton.


T1: So, the UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Let’s speak about these parts. What can you tell us about England? (pupils speak using cards)








вологий, м’який

P 1: England is the largest and richest country of Great Britain. The most parts of its territory are flat... The capital of England, London, stands on the Thames River. The Lake District is a lovely region of lakes and mountains in north-west England.

T1: Thank you, and tell me, please, what do you know about the climate of England?

P2: I can tell that the climate of England is damp and mild. The winter is not very cold and the summer is not very hot.

T: You are right. And now let’s speak about Scotland.




Гориста, 79,000 км2


5 млн чол..

найвища точка

Бен Невіс, 1343 м



P3: Scotland is situated to the north from England. The territory of Scotland is about 79,000 square kilometers, the population is over 5 million people. Scotland is a very mountainous country. Three-forth of the area of Scotland is occupied by mountains.

Ben Nevis in Scotland is the highest mountain of all Great Britain. It is 1,343 metres high. The northern part of Scotland is called the Highlands, and the southern part is called Lowlands. Scotland is a country of lakes, which are called lochs here.

T1: What can you tell us about Wales?




20,000 км2, височинна

найвища точка



2,8 млн чол..



P4: Wales is one of the most beautiful parts in Great Britain. The territory of Wales is more then 20,000 square kilometers and the population is 2,800,000 people. It is a highland country in the south-western part of the Britain. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. The highest mountain in Wales is Snowdon. There are many sheep and cattle farms in Wales.

T1: And the fourth part of Great Britain is Northern Ireland. What can you tell us about this country?


Північна Ірландія


14 тис.км2


1,5 млн чол..



P5: Northern Ireland is the smallest part of the United Kingdom. It is situated in the north-east of the island Ireland. The territory of Northern Ireland is more than 14,000 square kilometers and the population is 1,500,000 people. Northern Ireland is often called Ulster. The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast.

  1. Summing up

T1. So, to sum up everything answer my questions.

What is an island?

P1. It is a territory surrounding by water from all the sides.

T1. Is the UK situated on islands or on the continent?

P2. It is on the British Isles.

T1. How many parts does the UK consist of?

P3. It consists of 4 parts.

T1. What are the parts of the UK?

P4. They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

T1. What is Great Britain surrounded by?

P5. It is surrounded by the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the English Channel.

T1. Where is London Situated?

P6. It is situated on the Thames River.

T1. What is the climate of Great Britain?

P7. It is damp and mild.

To retell the article about the UK