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Міністерство освіти й науки України

Загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №1

м. Херсона

Пізнавально – розважальна програма з англійської мови

Вчитель англійської мови

Вищої категорії, Сербіна І. В.

Херсон – 2012

Практична мета –

  • систематизувати лексичний матеріал з теми;

  • активізувати навички усного мовлення на базі засвоєного матеріалу;

  • вдосконалювати мовленнєві навички та уміння.

Освітня мета –

  • розширити і поглибити знання учнів з даної теми.

Розвиваюча мета –

  • розвивати мовну здогадку та мовленнєву реакцію;

  • розвивати пізнавальні інтереси та пізнавальні процеси учнів: мислення, пам’ять, увагу, уяву в умовах гри;

  • розвивати культуру праці та спілкування учнів на уроці.

Виховна мета –

  • виховувати дбайливе ставлення до природи та її багатств;

  • почуття відповідальності, ввічливості, доброзичливості;

  • загальну культуру учнів;

  • сприяти естетичному вихованню учнів.

Обладнання – таблиці та картинки по темі, роздатковий матеріал ( ігри та завдання), костюми, призи, прикраси для святкового оформлення класу.


Compere 1 – Good morning, dear friends, teachers, guests and pupils.

Compere 2 – We are glad to see you at our English party, which is dedicated to the Wonders of Nature and the Earth and wonderful world of colours.

C. 1 –Be with us!

C. 2 – Don’t go away!

C. 1 – Please, stay.

C. 2 – Learn together with us and play. Will sing you some songs, recite you some poems and show you a play. We can read, we can write, we can speak English too. And what about you?

C. 1 – Complete the crossword, you’ll be able to play some games with us. So we hope you’ll have a lot of fun!

C. 2 – First listen to the poem “All for You”.

The trees of the forest,

The flowers of the lea,

The birds on the branches,

The fish of the sea,

The rocks and the mountains,

The rivers that flow

The rain and the sunshine,

The ice and the snow,

The corn – fields all yellow,

The sky of deep blue.

The sweetness and beauty

Of life are for you!

C. 1 – Yes, you are right. Everything on your planet Earth belongs to everybody: the hot Sun and green leaves, the silver Moon and the birds’ songs. And we should take care of everything!

(Little boy with the birdhouse in his hands and a little bird in a dress of a bird enter and speak)
Boy – Little bird, little bird,

Sitting in the tree.

I have a birdhouse,

Please, come and see.

Girl - Little boy, little boy,

Standing by the tree.

I like this house,

Please, give it to me.

(Little boy with a fishing – rod in his hand appears.)

I can honestly say

That of fishing I’m fond,

And I caught my best fish

In the old village pond.

It looked at me sadly,

Its eyes were big and black.

It looked so unhappy,

I threw it straight back.

This fish swims jolly

In our pond,

It shakes its tail,

It is happy and strong.

C. 2 –And now we would like to have a rest a little and show you our toy animals.

They get together with us in the morning and smiling do their morning exercises.(Children in masks of animals recite the poem)

Horses gallop, ponies too.

Cows just stand and chew and chew.

Puppies run and kittens play,

Bunnies hop about all day!

(Then all Ss sing the song “Old McDonalds”)

C. 1 – Now comes a play “Two Goats”. Here is the Story – teller. Listen to him.

Story – teller: Look! Here is the river. And that is the narrow bridge over the river. This black goat wants to cross the river and this white goat wants to cross the river. In a minute the two goats will meet on the bridge. What will they do?

White – Let me pass!

Black – No, you let me pass!

W. – Take care!

B. – No, you take care!

W. – Look! My horns are long! I can push you into the river!

B. – And my horns are very strong! I can push you into the river too!

W. – Let me pass or I’ll push you into the river!

B. – I’ll push you into the river. Let me pass!

(They began to fight and fall down to the river).

Story – teller: Look! The white goat and black goat are in the river. What’s a pity!

C. 2 – You’ll seen the play about two obstinate goats. Will you be so kind as to tell me if there are such “obstinate goats” among you? I hope there are no. Listen to the poem.

Be careful what you say or do

When you visit the animals in the zoo.

Don’t make fun of the camel’s hump,

He is very proud of his noble hump.

Don’t laugh too much at the chimpanzee,

He thinks he’s as wise as you and me.


And the penguins strutting round the lake

Can understand the remarks you make.

Treat them as well as they treat you,

And you’ll always be welcome at the Zoo.

C. 1 – Here are some proverbs about animals. You can get a nice little presents if you give the Ukrainian equivalents.

  1. The leopard cannot change his spots.

Як вовка не годуй,а він все в ліс дивиться.

  1. An old fox is not easily snared.

Старий вовк знає толк.

  1. One cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

За двома зайцями поженешся, жодного не


  1. Catch the bear before you sell his skin.

Не діли шкуру неубитого ведмедя.

C. 2 - And who is the best in answering the questions. ( All the questions about the animal’s abilities. Example – Who can run? What animal can sing? What animal is red? Etc.)

C. 1 – Do you feel like playing the games? It’s high time. (The crossword game, etc.)

C. 2 – And now let me introduce you the painter and her colours. Please, come in.

Painter – Hello, I’m a painter and these are my Colours. Please, come here colours!

Green – I am the best, because I am the colour of grass and leaves.

Yellow – I am the best, because I am the colour of the Sun and the wheat.

Red – I am the best, because

I am the colour of berries.

Blue – I am the best, because I am the colour of the sky and the water.

Black – I am the best, because I am the colour of night.

White – I am the best, because I am the colour of snow.

Brown – I am the best, because I am the colour of chocolate sweets.

Orange – I am the best, because I am the colour of tasty orange juice.

Grey – I am the best, because I am the colour of wolves and stones in the sea.

Pink – I am the best, because I am the colour of nice roses.

Purple – I am the best, because I am the colour of lilacs.

(Colours leave the stage)

Painter – Oh! It’s a pity. I have lost all my colours! How can I draw the beauty of the seasons? Season! Come to me!

(Children presenting 4 seasons)

Winter – We are the seasons, but we have lost our colours too. Children, help us, please, to return the colours, because our life will be very dull without them.

Autumn – Dear children, when you do all these tasks, all the colours will return to us. Be very attentive, please, because the tasks are various and difficult.

Spring – I need a blue colours, because my first flowers – snowdrops- cannot be without it.i cannot live without a green colour, because I need it when the grass appears after long winter sleep. I need a red colour, because it is the colour of my tulips, which children put to the memorials on the 9th of May.


Summer – Children, I need a yellow colour, because it is the colour of my favourite bright sun, which is so loved by children. Of course, I need a blue colour, because it is the colour of all the ponds, rivers, seas, oceans and people like to swim in the blue warm waters. I need a pink colour very much, because it is the colour of lilies, which smell wonderful in calm windless evening.

Autumn – And I as Spring and Summer need colours. I need a brown colour, because it is the colour of my ripe nuts. And I need a grey colour, because it is the colour of bird –keys, which leave our native land and fly in the blue sky. I need an orange colour, because it is the colour of ripe pumpkins and without them people cannot celebrate such a beautiful holiday as Halloween.

Winter – Dear children,I also need colours, especially white, because you know that everything in winter is covered with snow. And I must say that I need a black colour, because it’s the colour of black night winter sky with bright stars.

Seasons (together) –Children, help us, please, to return all the colours to life!

Children – Of course, dear seasons. We are ready to help you. We love our colourful world, we like all seasons of the year, we like to draw very much, that’s why we’ll try to do everything to help you.

Winter –Let’s start. Your task is to name all the colours of the rainbow.(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).

Summer –please say what colours you think about when you hear the words:

A bear (brown) an apricot ( orange)

A mouse (Grey) snow(white) sky ( blue)

A crocodile (green) a chicken ( yellow) an apple (red)


Autumn – Colours were so angry that they have divided their names into parts. Connect them, please.

Bl-ue, whi-te, gr-ey, gr-een, pur-ple, re-d, oran-ge, bl-ack, pi-nk, ye-llow, br-own.

Thank you, you are such good Ss.

Painter – Listen to me, please. Clap your hands only when I’ll say the names of the colours. (she names the words)

Spring – Children, do you know the poems about colours? ( All the Colours come to the Painter reciting the lines of the poem)

Red, red, red the rose.

Blue, blue, blue the sky.

Green, green, green the grass.

White, white, white the snow.

Pink, pink, pink the bow.

Yellow, yellow, yellow the buttercup.

Orange, orange, orange the orange.

Purple, purple, purple the sunset.

Violet, violet, violet the violet.

Brown, brown, brown the bread.

Grey, grey, grey the mouse.

And so is the cat.(the last line – all together)

The poem –

I see green,

I see yellow,

I see that big funny fellow.

I see white,

I see black,

I see this and that and that.

I see pink,

I see brown,

I stand up and I sit down.


I see red,

I see blue,

I see you and you and you.

Painter – Dear children! We see that you like our colourful world very much and you must remember that if you want to keep our planet beautiful you must be friendly and clever. Good luck.

The last item of the party is the short version of the fairy- tale “Cinderella”.