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Lesson plan

Lesson plan

Brief description of context, location and time (size of classroom, facilities/resources available, time of day, lesson length,etc) – 50 words maximum

It will be a social project; it’ll last for 3 weeks. There are some groups of 4-5 students. All the groups are mixed abilities groups. The students have to choose the subject of their projects themselves; they also share the roles, tasks. The teacher only observes their work, corrects some mistakes in the plans, but doesn’t interfere into the process.

Brief description of learners (how many, age, level, special needs/behavioural issues,etc) –
50 words maximum

The learners are of 15, they are 4-5 in the groups. It can be mixed level class. It’s a perfect idea to make a final product, motivate the students and make the work the most exciting.

^ Brief description of the new idea and why chosen
(50 words maximum)

The aim is to prepare to interact with the social environment, to realize students’ personal abilities by learning the society, its problems and to form communicative and socio-linguistic, socio-cultural competencies and skills connected with computer technology, skills of critical thinking and collaboration. All objectives of the project are aimed at attracting students to work in the group and performing tasks. I can determine some of main ideas to be the basis of the project.
1) Modeling knowledge about society, its problems and possible solutions.
2) Modeling skills to use computer technology;
3) Modeling the sense of responsibility, personal thoughts on solving various problems, the ability to make informed choices, setting goals in their teamwork.
4) Modeling the ability to present their work, to defend their position using multimedia.
5) Modeling critical skills, systematic and creative thinking, and effective communication in English.
6) Modeling skills to master new phenomenon themselves.
7) Modeling skills to appreciate their work and the other works on special criteria in the L2 environment.

^ Lesson plan cover page

How does the lesson fit with syllabus/timetable?
(30 words maximum)

The position of the lesson in the timetable is optional. The lesson is final in the module.

^ Learning outcome

Students will have some skills to create new ideas on the subject, to solve some problems and difficulties together, think over something, find out the causes and reasons, ask and answer questions, collaborate with other students, speak fluently in English during the work, be friendly and confident, use Computer technology in listening, writing, reading, speaking English.

^ Materials and references (attach worksheets)

The students use all the materials, they’ve found to create their project.

Anticipated problems
(50 words maximum)

1. Low level students aren’t involved into the work.

2. It’s difficult for students to speak fluently L2.

3. It’s difficult for the students to revise all the information.

4. It’s difficult for low level students to remember the information while listening to the other participants.

Proposed solutions
(50 words maximum)

1. Remind high level students to help low level students. Encourage low level students with rewarding words.

2. Ask some additional questions; clarify some words to help them while working on the contest.

3. Correct some mistakes in the plans.

Lesson procedure


Teacher activity

^ Student activity


Stage aim

The first week


Asking the questions

Announcing the aim

Answering the questions, discussing the aims

Speaking, writing, listening

Creating the ideas to do the project


Correcting, guiding

Modeling the main ideas of the work

Speaking, listening, making some notes and tables

Planning the project


Asking some problem questions on the subject of their projects

Answering the questions.

Speaking, thinking over

Solving the difficulties


Observing the students’ work

Correcting the ideas for the plan (the first week)

Discussing, forming the main steps of their work

Making up the plan


Correcting, guiding, checking the paper plans

Asking and answering the questions


Correcting the plan

The second week


Asking the questions

Asking and answering the questions, making some notes

Checking up

Analyzing the work of the first week


Asking and answering the questions

Correcting the ideas for the plan (the second week)

Discussing, forming the main steps of their work

Making up the plan


Observing, guiding

Making questionnaires, announcements, advertisements, booklets, calendars, tablets, writing short articles using the computers, interviewing students, parents, teachers, holding the contest, taking photos, videos

Working with different computer programs, communicating

Doing the project


Observing, guiding

Correcting materials, which are ready


Checking up the materials


Asking the questions

Answering the questions


Analyzing the work of the second week

The third week


Asking the questions

Answering the questions, preparing the materials to make a presentation

Discussing, correcting mistakes, adding some materials

Checking up the results of the project


Observing, guiding, checking up the notes for the presentation

Answering the questions

Making the last preparations

Pre-doing the presentation


Observing the students’ work, checking up the paper plans

Working with paper plan


Summarizing materials, making up the plan of the presentation


Observing, guiding

Adding the tables, documents, diagrams, questionnaires, articles etc.

Working with paper plans

Doing the presentation


Checking up asking the questions

Answering the questions, adding some materials

Correcting the paper plans

Final checking up the presentation


Asking the questions

Answering the questions, giving and following some advice

Discussing the paper plans

Summarizing materials



Sharing the roles


Planning the work with the presentation


Observing, guiding

Making slides, adding the materials according to the rules

Working with computer programs

Creating the presentations


Asking the questions, checking up

Checking up all the slides, correcting mistakes


Preparing presentations to performing.


Observing, asking the questions

Revising all the materials, asking and answering the questions, analyzing the teamwork

Discussing, upholding the works

Presenting the final product


^ What went well? Why?

(refer to the learners, learning outcomes and stage aims, lesson procedures, tasks / activities and materials)

The learners are motivated to work in mixed groups, they are able to work effectively, they have more progress revising the information, making up the plan, writing short articles, interviewing, working with different computer programs, collaborating. Such kind of work gives them opportunity to be successful in their work. Low level students are involved into the work, because of group work. Project procedure is built to let the students revise all the information during the project. The tasks are interesting, informative, creative to motivate the students.

What didn’t go well? Why?

(refer to the learners, learning outcomes and stage aims, lesson procedures, tasks / activities and materials)

The project is a perfect idea for teamwork.

What changes will I make next time? Why?

I’d like to let the pupils speak more in their groups.