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Elizabeth’s City

  • Our town was founded in 1754.In order to

  • defend our town St. Elizavetgrad fortress was built on the right bank of the river Ingul. It was called Elizavetgrad - Elizabeth’s city.

St. Elizabeth’s Fortress

In April the bolshevist power was established in our town. In 1934 the town was named Kirovo and in 1939 it became a regional center during the war our for fathers fought heroically, our town was liberated in January, 9


  • Kirovograd is truly called the cradle of the Ukrainian professional theatre. In 1869 M.Kropyvnytskiy and I.Karpenko-Kariy organized one of the first theatrical groups. Later on the first professional theatre began its work here. Many prominent actors and actresses began there activity here such as Maria Zinkovetska, Panas Saksahanskiy and others.

Elizavetgrad’s parks and gardens

  • There were many parks, gardens and squares in Elizavetgrad.

  • “Kovalivskiy park” was planted in 1850. It was a favorite place for the rest of unkers Perspektivniy street was planted in 1839 «Horodskiy Park»

  • Horodskiy Park Kovalivskiy Park

Elizavetgrad's Tram

  • The first tramway was built in Ukraine in Elizavetgrad in 1897. It was done by the engineer Lihachev. The tram went down Dvorszoviy ( Lenin), Bolshiy Persrektivniy (Karl Marks) streets. Now there is no any trams in our city.

«Zhenskay Gimnasia»

  • It was built by the architect O. L. Lishnevsky in 1895.

  • 700-1000 girls studied at that gymnasium.

  • Now it is A Pedagogical University .

My Native Town