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КЗ «Високопільська спеціалізована школа-інтернат

«Обдарованість» ХОР

План – конспект відкритого уроку

з англійської мови у 10 класі

на тему : «Проблеми навколишнього середовища»

підготувала: вчитель англійської мови,

вчитель вищої категорії

Федорченко А.А.

2013 р

Тема: Проблеми навколишнього середовища.

Освітня мета: узагальнити знання учнів про основні екологічні проблеми сьогодення, активізувати вживання лексики по темі, формувати навики говоріння, письма і аудіювання.

Розвиваюча мета: розвивати комунікативну компетенцію учнів шляхом використання автентичних матеріалів.

Виховна мета: виховувати розуміння актуальності проблеми забруднення навколишнього середовища, сприяти розвитку бажання зберегти планету та види, які її населяють.

Обладнання: мультимедійний проектор, учительська презентація «Environmental problems», виставка по темі, тематична пісня «Earth Song» відео ролики, картки з текстами і питаннями до них, екологічний тест, відеоролики.

І Вступна частина

  1. Організаційний момент

T:Dear children!

Glad to see you today!

How are you today?

Today we have an unusual lesson. There are many guests in our classroom. Great our guests, please.

I expect you will be hardworking and active at this lesson as usually.

  1. ^ Повідомлення теми та мети уроку

T: Look at the blackboard. There is an exhibition which is devoted to the topic “Enviromental problems” .(слайди1,2,3,на яких зображено проблеми довкiлля)

Today we are going to discuss this topic.

I’d like to start our lesson with the words of great philosopher the Dalai Lama “Mother Planet is showing us the red warning light – “be careful”- she is saying. To take care of the planet is to take care of our own house”.

Do you agree with this quotation?(слайд 4)

P:Yes, our planet is in a danger. The problem of pollution has become more important today. Using automobiles and other machines made pollution worse. Air, water and soil are necessary for existence of all living things. But polluted air can cause illness, and even death. Polluted water kills fish and other marine life. We must help our planet.

ІІ Основна частина

1. Розвиток навичок аудіювання

T:You know, that people all over the world are worried about our environment.

Many famous people make their contribution to the protection of environment. I suggest you listening to the song of a famous American singer Michael Jackson and see a video clip.

During the listening you have to raise the cards with the words you have heard.

(після прослуховування)

We have just seen the clip and it is by chance and the reason why we have chosen the topic “Environmental problems” It is quite actual. What is the message of this song?

(відповіді учнів)

How could you name this song?

P1:”The Earth”

P2: “ Earth Soong”

T:The real name of this song is “Earth Song”.

It was first sung by M. Jackson on the Earth Day.

Do you know anything about this day?

^ 2. Пошук інформації

I want you to find the main information about the Earth Day in our exhibition and answer these questions. (слайд 5)

Let’s divide into 3 groups. The questions for the first group are 1,2.

For the second group are 3,4, for the third group are 5,6.

1.When was the first Earth Day celebrated?

2.Who was the founder of this holiday?

3.When is it held nowadays?

4.How many countries do in this holiday participate?

5. What is the symbol of this day?

6. What is the aim of this holiday?

T: Share the information.

P1: The first Earth Day was celebrated on March 1970.

P2: It was created by John McConnel.

P3: Earth Day is celebrated on the 22-nd April in more than 175 countries including Ukraine every year.

P4: The symbol of the Earth Day is the Ecology Flag. There is a combination of two letters on the flag “E” and “O” taken from the words “Environment” and “Organism” resepectively.

P5: People celebrate Earth Day every April 22 to show how much they care about the planet.

Many people use the day to do projects that will help the Earth. Some meet to discuss how to limit pollution and how to save endangered animals and plants. Other plant trees, clean up parks and beaches, or set up recycling stations.

^ 3.Робота з текстом

One of the main ecological problems in the world is deforestation.

I suggest you reading the text and discuss this problem in pairs.

Try to understand the general information

The rate of the deforestation in the world is alarming. Every day a hectare of the world's forests is being destroyed forever. Why is this happening? There are two reasons - land and wood. In many countries the trees have been cut down because the land was needed for crops. In other part of the world they cut down trees because their wood is wanted. This wood is used by the local people for firewood. Or it is exported to Japan, Europe and North America. There they used for buildings or for making furniture.

Unfortunately, in most places the trees won't be replaced. The soil in the forests is very thin, but it is protected by the trees. When trees are cut down, the soil is washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind. Soon nothing can be grown on it. The forest becomes a desert. Then people will need more land and they will cut down more trees.

When we destroy the forest, we lose not only the trees but the homes of millions of animals and plants together with them. At the moment there are between five and ten million species of animals and plants on the Earth. One million of these is extinct. All kinds of species are in danger - fish, reptiles, birds, insects - as well as thousands of plants.

Who is guilty of this disaster? The answer is simple: all of us. There are just too many people in the world. The world's population is now over one billion people. Of course, it's very easy to blame the local people. We don't chop down trees. They do. But the products are bought by people like you and me.

Питання до тексту:

1.What are the reasons of deforestation?

2. To what countries is the wood exported?

What is it used for?

3 . What do the trees protect?

4.What is the number of endangered animals?

5. Why is deforestation dangerous for animals?

^ 4.Контроль домашнього читання

T:Every day there are more and more animals and plants which are in danger of becoming extinct.

Their natural habitats are destroyed by human activity. Forests are cleared for farming or housing. Oceans and rivers are polluted.

Animals are hunted for different reasons.

The WWF World Wide Fund for Natures has made a list of endangered species.

You have prepared the information about endangered species.

Let’s listen to you reports. (Повідомлення учнів)


T:Let’s watch a short video and think what can happen when the people are careless about the nature.(Перегляд відео про недбале ставлення до природи)

What proverb is the most suitable to it?

Never cast dirt into fountain of which you have sometimes drunk.

A bad beginning makes a bad ending.

First think, than speak.

P1:I think, the first proverb is the most suitable to this video.

^ 6.Виконання тесту “How green are you”

T:How do you understand the expression “green people”

Ps: (pupils’ answers)

T:How green are you? Try the quiz to find out.

(виконання екологічного тесту)

T-Ps:Are you Green?

Ps: (pupils’ answers)

III Заключна частина

Домашнє завдання

Make project about environmental problems in your village in groups

Підведення підсумків уроку

We understand, that our home is in danger. Who is guilty of this disaster?

The answer is simple: all of us. Let’s think what can we do to save the environment and make the contract with the nature.(the pupils promise to help the nature)

Our lesson is over. I’m sure you are real friends of our planet. And I hope our lesson helps us to be more active in the ecological movement. In fact, we live only once and not a very long life and we have one Earth. Remember the wise saying of a great English writer John Galsworthy who said:

“if you don’t think about the future, you will not have it”.